Sensory project with Sint Oda

mental health care institution 2013-2014

Comfort Object,

Symbols of Mother and Protection

Physical behaviors and gestures are the most direct reflections when mental disorder patients are overwhelming with negative emotions. Comfort object, such as security blanket, is a channel to provide them psychological comforts, and further to defense against anxiety.


Comfort object represents all the components of “mothering”. It provides human mind a fantasized mother-child bond. The soothing effect from weight blanket has been proved effective to calm down agitated patients. They are widely used for autistic children or equipped in emergency vehicles for victims that are suffered from traumatic shocks.

A Wearable Shelter

This project is targeting with Sint Oda mental health care institution in the Netherlands. When patients are suffered from negative emotions, they turn to have a few unconsciously defensing gestures, such as grabbing, pulling, twisting, or stretching clothes and anything surrounded them.


The designs of Anxious Poncho are made for these gestures that happen in stressful conditions. It attempts to create not only a wearable shelter for them, but also a channel to interact with their defensing gestures. It aims to enhance sensory feeling of touch, and further to release and smooth down their anxiety and uncomfortability through physical stimulations.


The layout and stuffing of this poncho create a volume. Patients are able to hide, grab, cover or wrap themselves by the thick and weighted collars, pockets, and binding. They can also twist, hug, and pull with the numerous furry fabric balls inside the poncho.