My Clean Body, Human's Second Skin?






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My Clean Body

As symbols of civilization, politeness, cleanness, and beauty, it seems like that shaving behavior and hair removal are standardized procedures in daily life. Maintaining a clean body has became a way to create a positive personal image.


Tools like razors and hair removal machines are further designed, for modern men and women to pursue this ideal self with a clean body. However, although our societies encourage people to take care of and remove most of body hair, we decorate ourselves by wearing clothes. It is a bit contradictory that we are taking off our natural protection, body hair, and wearing another artificial protection and artificial hair on our bodies. And this is the current approach to establish an image with fashion, beauty, and so on.


This process uses an ironic and provocative approach to envision the future design. How are they going to help individuals to modify themselves, in order to achieve this collective standard of clean body?

Clean-Shaved Garment

The garment is designed with the image of human’s second skin. The zippers on the garment are following by the paths of shaving. These zippers emphasize on the distributions of body hair. While closing zippers and wearing this garment, it assists wearer to double-check that if his or her shaving is clean enough.