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Safety project with Dutch police department 2013,

Creative solutions to prevent/ to attack domestic burglary

Intrusion is a way of killing the house.

House contains lots of our important memories. All of our emotions and feelings fill every corner. House becomes an organism, which is living and growing together with us. Burglars not only steal our property, but also attack the life of house. When they break into the place, house bleeds as the rejection system of our body.


This blood from the house makes burglar to rethink about the seriousness of their stealing behaviors, which are attacking and threatening the whole lives of us. It also visualizes the trauma in victim’s mind. The exaggerated effect is not only a symbol of victim’s suffering, but also a warning to alert our neighborhood.


The result of this project is a design of window lock, which will trigger a CO2 bottle and casuse an explosion of red paint when burglar try to break into the window. This red paint not only shows the trauma feeling from house owner, but also make it easier to track burglar’s finger prints and to warn the neighborhood. The red paint is also possible to be replaced by DNA tracking paints.