Partner brand identity

With:, Giuliana Latte, Jamie Jeffers, Ana Ordonez, Lennart Henriksen, Bob Leenhouwers, and Leo Fleury
Roles: concept development, brand guideline, design audit, visual design, print and digital assets partner brand identity is a project for the company’s B2B marketing communication.

This project includes 2 parts: a brand guideline with design principles and a set of design templates.

The goal is to translate the B2B brand promises into a consistent design language across all the marketing communication and channels, from events, social media, landing pages, to video and print. It provides a centralised guidance for the marketing teams and around 200 local offices around the world to tell a consistent and unified message to the business partners.

The partner brand guideline

The partner brand guideline is iterated based on its parent brand, It summarises the brand promises, visions, communication appraches, to the usages of fonudational design elements, such as logotype, colours, typography, motion, composition, iconography, photography, and video assets. 

The assets and templates

The design assets and templates are currently being used and validated across partner (B2B) marketing communications, from the landing page, display banners, email, video assets, to social media and prints. Partner Hub

Display banners and grid systems

Flyers and grids

Email templates

Presentations template

Social media (IG)