Visual identity, Illustration
With: Agency OWOW Roles: Concept development, Visual design, Iconography, Colour platte, Brand guideline, Print and digital assets

In this project, we proposed a new visual identity for Fync, a company that provides the online platform for freelancer's financial administration.

Fync offers a fresh and intuitive solution for self-employee’s business and financial record. Therefore, we used the data and the platform’s UI elements, and translated them further into our main visuals to represent its simpleness and intuition.

Icon sets

Colour palette

Colours overlay and complementary colours

To support Fync’s missions and audiences, we created a vibrant colour palette, a set of complementary colours that have a high contrast to each other.

In addition, we also use the overlay as a visual element to highlight the connection between the business and the financial administration support.


Icons colours combinations

Icons and data into visuals

Photos icon + Area chart

Upload icon + Bar chart

Fliter icon + Scatter chart
Photo icon + Pie chart

Statistic icon + Line chart

Analytics icon + Column chart

Examples of colour testing