Partner events

Visual identity
Roles: Concept development, Visual design, Print and digital assets

From 2017, I have been working on the design assets for’s partner (B2B) events. It’s a wide range of projects to support 200+ local offices to create the consistent, memorable, and structured events. (From webinar, appreciation event, workshop, to trade show.) My role includes creating the events assets, structuring the internal events hub, and consulting with the agencies for larger and custom-made events.  

Initial events assets proposals

The Partner Events Hub

Partner events hub is an internal platform for all the offices around the world. It centralises all the neccessary information and materials for the event creators. It has 3 sections in general: the information for all the types of events, the process of creating events, and the content to be used during the events.

I joined the concept development process while creating the Partner event hub in 2017. My role for the events hub was mainly brainstorming on the structure and the visualisation between each types of events.  
Partner Events Hub
with UI/UX designers: May Man and Leo Fleury

The events assets

We also created the generic and scalable events assets to share with the event creators around the world. The assets includes such as Roll-up banners, photowall, prop, name badges, presentation, and so on.

On the assets (content page), there were around 300,000 page sessions and 33,000 downloads in 6 months time. 


The consultant

While working win larger events such as ITB (international traveling trade show) or Click event, I played the support role as the internal creative team to share the branded assets with external agency. Sometimes, we also create small amounts of design assets following agencies’ creative directions and materials.

ITB 2018 stand by ELEVATIONS and Click event 2018&2019 by MAAK