Serious about partnership

Roles: Concept development, Photography brief, Visual design, Print and digital assets

Serious about partnership is an integrated marketing campaign to drive awareness of’s positioning within professionals in short-term rental market.

Working in the creative team of marketing, we created this campaign from initial concepts to final executions.

Creative concept 

This campaign is about showing an equal collaboration, a two-way relationship where both and its partners influence and impact each other.

Visually, we present the idea of partnership by splitting up the design canvas into two parts. On each side, we see the different perspectives of the relationship, both equally essential to facilitate mutual growth.

The split screen approach tells a separated but interacting story. How the two entities coming together to create something new, and how the sum of two parts that create something bigger.

Campaign hero video (Owners: Lennart Henriksen and Giuliana Latte)

Creative deliverables

The concept was further translated together with agencies to all the marketing communication, from video, landing page, photography, online and offline visual assets, to local and international conferences and events.

Landing page in mobile (UI/UX designer: Leo Fleury)

Design assets: Social medias, display banners, Linkedin, email, landing page and hero banners
(co-owned with the creative team)