The other tutorial - Appearance

At: Design Academy Eindhoven
Dutch Design Week 2014

The Other Tutorial / Introduction

Ego is a dynamic process that formulates our conscious sense of self. It evolves through a continuously defined interaction with our surroundings, based on balancing conflicts between the individual and society.

However, society today is framed by a singular structure that is geared towards constant enhancement, a clear template for individuals to improve and modify toward a superhuman. These fixed definitions become limitations in our learning processes, as they constrain personal development with one ideal scenario. How can design liberate us from this cycle?

The Other Tutorial attempts to turn these societal constraints into forces of liberation. The study includes different aspects of life, focusing on appearance, expression and movement respectively. Interactions with the body, face, and limbs challenge the norm, Isolate external voices, expand personal spaces, slow time, and evoke neglected experiences. It is a trigger for re-experiencing and redefining our relations between the self and our surroundings.


As symbols of civilization, politeness, cleanness, and beauty, it seems like that shaving behavior and hair removal have became the standardized procedures to establish a positive personal image.

This concept creates a set of shaving tools, which collect the hair that is removed from our bodies, and further reuse it as a kind of tattoo accessory. This accessory from hair-recycle attempts to twist current value system of beauty, and further to blur the boundary between before shaving and after shaving.